"Maybe I just need to understand that he’s just someone I meet in my life, someone I deeply fall in love with, and someone I was bound to let go just so I learn and grow."

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"Love isn’t soft, like those poets say. Love has teeth which bite and the wounds never close."

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"Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex; But eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, Stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with them."

"I’m not really sure why. But… do you stop loving someone just because they betray you? I don’t think so. That’s what makes the betrayal hurt so much - pain, frustration, anger… and I still loved her. I still do."

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The worst part about being there for everybody is that no one ever bothers to ask if you’re okay or not

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"How long they choose to love you will never be your decision."

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You know whats fucking scary? The fact that I could literally change my life at any moment. I could stop talking to everyone that makes me unhappy. I could kiss whoever i want. I could shave my head or get on a plane or take my own life. Nothing is stopping me. The entire world is in my hands, and I have no idea what to do with it.

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when i can feel myself being really annoying but i can’t stop


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"Something inside is hurting you – that’s why you need cigarettes or whiskey, or music turned so fucking loud you can’t think."

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"People come, people go – they’ll drift in and out of your life, almost like characters in a favorite book. When you finally close the cover, the characters have told their story and you start up again with another book, complete with new characters and adventures. Then you find yourself focusing on the new ones, not the ones from the past."

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